(Angry Poem) Calm Hate – Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

A humble thought. 
A pleasant calmness. 
Then snap it’s gone. 
Like it was never their. 
Preparation a waste. 
Such a sour taste. 
To know who those are that do not care. 
I shall not have pity or anger towards the indifferent. 
For it would do nothing to change it. 
It’s a matter of fact, 
with words you cant retract. 
Wasted apologies. 
Hated because of what I am. 
Played, like a fiddle but still I don’t care. 
Sometimes no matter how much one tries they cant break you down. 
They don’t understand and it’s not their fault. 
They got caught and they didn’t even know it. 
Lies to protect are still lies. 
At sunrise to sundown. 
Run me into the ground. 
Bury me cause your in constant agony. 
I will still rise, 
i will not compromise. 
I am who I am. 
So if you feel you must stop me if you can. 

Ace Of Black Hearts