3 Rarest and Most Valuable Coins in the World

We’ve gathered 3 of our favorite rare and valuable coins from an article written by one of our favorite sites The Spruce Crafts.
Image Credit Coin News

Price Realized: $3,737,500
Date Sold: January 7, 2010
Sold By: Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas  (Auction #1136, Lot #2455)

Researchers widely believe that five 1913 Liberty Head nickels were struck by a mint employee in the middle of the night. They are not sure how coin dies for a 1913 Liberty Head nickel were created since Buffalo Nickels were first produced in 1913. However, five of these nickels found their way into various public and private coin collections.

Starring in one of the 1970s television series Hawaii Five-O apparently did not help this coin to increase in value. This coin was used for close-up shots for the television show while producers used a common Liberty Head nickel for action shots where the date could not be discerned. They feared the risk of damaging a rare and expensive coin was too great of a risk to take.

Auction Listing: 1913 5C Liberty PR64 NGC Olsen Specimen

$1 Million Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Image Credit: Kitco

Price Realized: $4,020,000
Date Sold: June 2010
Sold By: Dorotheum Auction House, Vienna, Austria

In 2007 the Royal Canadian Mint produced the world’s first million dollar coin. The coin measures 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter by 3 cm (1.2 inches) thick and contains 100 kilograms (220 pounds or 3,215 troy ounces) of  99.999% pure gold. The idea for the coin was originally conceived as a centerpiece to promote the Royal Canadian Mint’s new line of 99.999% pure one Troy ounce Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins.

To date, five of these majestic gold bullion coins have been purchased by investors from around the world. The last coin to sell at a public auction sold for 3.27 million euros (USD 4.02 million) at an auction in Vienna at the Dorotheum auction house.

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

Image Credit: USA Coin Book

Price Realized: $10,016,875             
Date Sold: January 24, 2013
Sold By: Stack‚Äôs Bowers Galleries

Sold by the auction firm Stack’s Bowers in the January 2013 New York Americana Sale, this coin set the world record for the sale of a single coin. Numismatic researchers believe it was the very first silver dollar ever minted by the United States.

The United States Mint first opened in 1792, and only minted copper coins and some pattern coins for the first two years. Coin collectors have preserved this pristine example in its original mint state condition for over 200 years. It’s not very often that you come across a coin this old and in almost perfect condition.

Of the entire known population of 1794 silver dollars, this is the only example to exhibit Proof-like reflectivity in the fields. When viewed out of its encapsulation, the fields flash with an astounding deep mirror reflection, providing a remarkable contrast to the fully frosted devices. Several 1795 silver dollars have the silver plugs but also show adjustment marks. On this coin, adjustment marks are light but noted on both the obverse and reverse, primarily around the rim. The term “once in a lifetime opportunity” is seen now and again, but for this piece, it is especially relevant, according to a press release by Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Auction Listing: Stack’s Bowers – The January 2013 New York Americana Sale Lot #13094

Source: See the full list of 10 at The Spruce Crafts ;  James Bucki