We Have Good News If You Love Big V8 Engines

One American automaker just put big money into building them.

General Motors has been making big moves over the past several months, announcing plant closures and the discontinuation of six models. Couple this announcement with the company’s renewed focus on building seven million electric cars by 2030 and plans to morph Cadillac into an all-electric brand and you wouldn’t be mistaken for believing there isn’t much room for big V8 engines in the future.

However, fans of big, pushrod V8 engines will be delighted to hear that GM has just invested big bucks in developing its 6.2-liter V8.

GM’s 6.2-liter V8 with Direct Fuel Management made it on Ward’s Top 10 Engines list for 2019 thanks to its advanced cylinder deactivation technology. DFM can seamlessly shut down cylinders in the engine with up to 17 different combinations to improve performance and fuel economy. Even though many automakers are focusing on downsized engines and EV powertrains, there may still be a future for the old school V8.

Source: CarBuzz.com ; JARED ROSENHOLTZ