Picture Perfect part two

Hey everybody, i left off ¬†at highlight, you use your brush to apply the highlight on your cheeks where we put the concealer and down your nose. Next, you apply the blush to your cheeks, i use more of a bronze blush on my cheeks for a more contour look instead of having to contour. Next i work my way to my eye shadow after i apply the concealer to my eye lids i apply the transition shade in my crease, after that i apply a more shiny darker color depending on what eye palette i use, i then apply a lighter shiny color to my inner corner and, lid blend the colors together more. After that i apply the mascara to my lashes i use to different brands that make my lashes have more volume. When i am completely done with my make up i add a setting spray to make sure my make up is set, and that it last. That’s how to be picture perfect!

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