Us coins

Looking to purchase all the silver us coins you can find. Quarters, dimes, half dollars, dollars and pennies. Bring them in for grading. Ask for Josh.

Sell gold 1960

I’m looking to purchase gold and silver in almost all forms. Bring your items into our location at 5950 FM 1960 Houston Texas 77069. Ask for Josh. We pride ourselves in customer service and explaining the business of selling and buying gold and silver.

Silver coins

Looking to buy all the silver coins you have. It’s so many different coins that have value. Come in with everything you want checked and I will spend the time grading every coin. Ask for Josh

Gold holds steady

With gold and silver holding steady this is a perfect opportunity for you to look around you house and belongings and see what you can find. I offer free appraisals on all items you have. Ask for Josh.